Renso du Plessis National Sales Manager at Infinitec

Posted: March 18, 2015 in business, cricket, entertainment, ipl 2015
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Chief Operating Officer


September 2013 – Present (1 year 7 months)Tzaneen

Responsible for directing the activities of all departments within the organization. Manages front line and ensures all business goals and objectives are reached.

Direct the activities and productivity of the entire organization.
Provide training and guidance with my Frontline .
Work with the CEO to sustain and grow the company ,drive sales through effective sales strategies
Manage administrative functions to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the organization.
Support the organization’s strategic alliances and partnerships
Ensure performance goals are met and set.
Fulfill duties delegated by the CEO
Attend and preside over meetings.
Participate in strategic planning.
Plan and implement the annual calendar
Help create annual budgets and track expenditures.
Create presentations for Frontline meetings .
Responsible for expansion ,to reach critical mass through South Africa
Report to top management team on strategic intend .
Form part of top management team .
Delegate duties .
Hire, terminate, and train staff.
Create schedules.


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