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renso du plessis

renso du plessis

Renso Du Plessis is, since September 2013, the Chief Operating Officer at infinite and Cook4Life Group of Companies. He is a South African who studied at the University of Pretoria.

As a Chief operating Officer, he is responsible for directing the actions of all departments in the company. He makes sure that all business objectives and goals are reached.Among the primary responsibilities of Renso Du Plessis, there is the direction of the productivity and activities of the whole organization. He provides guidance and training while working with the Chief Executive Officer in order to grow and sustain the company benefits.

He leads sales through operational strategies of sales and manages the administrative functions of the company in order to ensure efficient and smooth operations of the firm.

Renso Du Plessis supports the strategic partnerships and alliances of the organizations while making sure that performance goals are set and met. Under the orders of the CEO, Renso fulfills duties, presides, and attends over meetings. He participates in strategic planning, implements after planning the annual calendar. He assists tracking expenditures and making annual budgets. When there are frontline meetings, he creates presentations.

He is responsible for expansion in order to attain critical mass via report of South Africa to top team of management on strategic drift. He is also a part of the top team and delegate duties. He has the power to train, terminate, and hire staff. He is also the one who create schedules.


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