Renso Du Plessis is a Great Achiever

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Personal Profile
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Renso Du Plessis is a South African who graduated from the University of Pretoria. He is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Infinite and Cook4Life Group of Companies. He is responsible for direction the affairs of all departments in the company as the COO. In his capacity as the Chief Operating Officer, Renso ensures that goals and objective of the company are achieved. He directs the activities and productivity of the entire organization. Furthermore, in order to grow and sustain the benefits of the company, he gives training and guidance while working with the CEO.

In other to ensure efficient and smooth operations of the business, he manages the administrative functions of the organization and leads sales through operational strategies of sales. He has never failed in discharging his duty diligently as he also uses his business acumen to train his subordinates to succeed in business.

While making sure that performance goals are set and met, Renso Du Plessis supports the strategic partnerships and alliances of the organization. Renso performs his duties, attends and presides over meetings, under the auspices of the Chief Executive Officer.  This very efficient and hard working man takes part in strategic planning, implements the strategy after adequate planning of the annual calendar.

He equally helps in tracking expenditures and preparing the annual budgets of the organization. Renso prepares presentations when there are frontline meetings. He is nothing but a utility worker who does his work with all cheerfulness.


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